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Welcome to Green Lotus Wellness

ppIMG_2634_ppffCongratulations on taking your first step towards greater health and balance of mind, body and spirit !

At Green Lotus Wellness, we approach the ‘whole’ person using the time-honored healing modality of Ayurveda. Your overall health and specific concerns are addressed at the physical, emotional and spiritual level. This holistic approach heals the whole person – acknowledging the interconnectedness and the effectiveness of body mind spirit medicine.  This is different from conventional medicine, which solely looks at the physical body and is more focused on identifying and treating a problem, as opposed to trying to prevent what caused it in the first place.

No matter what your goal is – be it preventive wellness, to reduce stress, to boost energy, to protect your brain from Alzheimer’s, or to cure everyday ailments like headaches, digestive or sleep issues, you have come to the right place and we can help you. We will give you the education, tools and support and empower you on your journey to radiant health and well-being.

One of our goals is also to make the powerful healing therapies of Ayurveda available and accessible to all, so need-based discounted rates and financial assistance is available.