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Ayurveda consultations


“I sought out an Ayurvedic practitioner as part of a greater overall transformational plan for my life.  Sandhiya was exactly the resource I was seeking.  She not only has a wealth of Ayurvedic knowledge but is very skilled in designing a program that is tailored to the individual with a robust toolbox of daily practices.  I have incorporated many of these useful practices and they have improved both my outlook and health.  I highly recommend Sandhiya as a quality single source for Ayurvedic guidance and education.”   ~ Phil C.


Sandhiya brought forth a complete program that met my needs. She did this with compassion, hospitality, and kindness that I’ve yet to meet in another medical practitioner. I felt that she truly cares about my overall well being and would implement anything that enhances the healing process. I feel grateful to have met a person who treats me with so much compassion and possesses the knowledge of a physician.  ~ AUM, Scott


“Once I began living an Ayurvedic lifestyle I immediately felt a shift. It felt as if I had come home. I found this place of comfort and balance. It is a simple and natural way to be. Thank you Sandhiya for guiding me in this whole new way of living. I am very grateful.” ~ Lisa B.

“I meet Sandhiya in an aromatherapy class 3 years ago. That is where I heard about Ayurveda. Four months later I decided to contact Sandhiya and have a consultation with her. The reason was that I was suffering from a hormonal imbalance that was preventing me from getting pregnant. I was struggling with this imbalance for almost 4 years. I had tried everything, doctors could not figure out if I had endometriosis, or intestinal problems, I was stress, feeling dehydrated all the time, hair falling, acne and other issues. The day I had a consultation was the day my life started to change for the better through Ayurvedic herbs and all the recommendations from Sandhiya. I followed them all and  then my symptoms started to going away. Ayurveda was changing my life, Sandhiya was not just a Ayurvedic practitioner but she had become my friend and soon my mentor when I decided to become an Ayurveda student. Last year in January we found out that I was pregnant and now we are enjoying our little baby girl. Thank you Sandhiya I feel blessed that God sent me to that essential oil class where I not only met a practitioner of Ayurveda but also a caring friend who now is also my mentor.” ~ Cindy Lawrence

“My first exposure into Ayurveda took place a little more than 2 years ago when Sandhiya was featured in my 200 hour training. Her knowledge of Ayurveda and just her aura were the things that made decided to choose her as a consultant. And since then, it was a decision that I’m grateful for to this day. Through every session, I felt that I was beginning to learn more about myself after taking a closer look at my lifestyle choices thanks to her guidance. Moreover she has done more than just aid me to the path of a healthier lifestyle, she’s been a wonderful friend who has helped and supported me through some of the most challenging times of that year!” ~ Jonah Montes


“Working with Sandhiya has been a real pleasure.  Sandhiya has suggested foods, supplements and routines that are easy for me to incorporate in my daily life.  She makes it really simple – even providing recipes that my kids like! Sandhiya’s guidance has had a very positive effect on my health, and the benefits of her teachings carry through to my family as well.” ~ Ginny


“My time with Sandhiya, and introduction to Ayurveda has changed my life immensely. She has provided me with specific recommendations that are helping me to cure my imbalances at the root. I have a greater sense of clarity and balance that I have longed to achieve. I love the customized recipes, routines and remedies she provides. I look forward to continuing on my Ayurvedic journey with Sandhiya by my side. I highly recommend her to anyone who seeks harmony in their lives.” ~ Kari


I’m a yoga instructor who moved to California a little over a year ago to complete an advanced teacher training program. I took a leap of faith and decided to pursue my dreams; I quit my stable job, packed my car and moved to Orange County alone without knowing a single person. After the initial excitement of my new adventure dissipated, I began suffering from homesickness and a complete lack of direction. As someone who has always embraced change and made decisions with ease, I found myself very discouraged and felt as though I had lost all grace. As yoga’s sister science, I turned to Ayurveda and decided to embark on a journey of self-healing. Sandhiya helped me to find clarity in the midst of all my uncertainty. Her consultations were insightful and recommendations were tailored just for me. Not only is Sandhiya a beautiful soul, pure in heart, but this lady knows her stuff!!! Truly an expert at her craft. I will forever be grateful for her guidance during the most transformative year of my life. If you are interested in becoming someone that is not just surviving but thriving, I can’t recommend Sandhiya and Green Lotus Wellness enough! Namaste 🙂 Jacey


” I have been a Dental Hygienist for 28 years.  My brain thinks with a scientific perspective.  I was skeptical of Ayurvedic and Holistic thinking.  As a part of my yoga teacher training, we spent 12 hours with Sandhiya Ramaswamy an Ayurvedic practitioner.  She has such a warm, caring & loving demeanor that I became very intrigued.  Her presentation over the next two days was so incredibly interesting & informative that I signed up for a consultation the next week.  I was struggling with hormonal and digestive issues.  By the end of my 5 visits with Sandhiya, I am in fantastic shape and my issues are solved. This was accomplished through personal habits, diet changes herbs,& establishing easy routines I had great success.  Sandhiya’s guidance and encouragement was very motivating.  This is a lifestyle change that I can stick to on a day to day basis.  My opinion and my perspective has been completely changed for the better.  My mind & body is healthier thanks to Sandhiya.” ~  Love & Friendship,  Linda Turner


Sandhiya is extremely wise in the science of Ayurveda.  I was lucky to have her as my teacher, mentor, and Ayurvedic Practitioner.  The way she teaches the material is inspiring and easy to learn with her explanations.  I especially liked the way she designed a program that would suit my every day lifestyle.  I always looked forward to my consultations with her. ~ Kathy Y


Sandhiya helped guide me so that I may better know myself mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Over the years I have lived with the stress and demands of being a husband, father, lifelong student, and managing a full-time career.  I suffered from digestive issues and feelings of intensity, criticalness, and aggressiveness.  Through Sandhiya’s consultations and wellness plans I feel better equipped to manage my hectic life.  She has provided me with numerous tools to help bring balance back into body, mind and spirit.  This then translated into bringing balance into my life!  Sandhiya’s treatment plans were tailor-made just for me and included dietary recommendations (with delicious recipes!), healthy daily routines, herbal supplements, and more.  Her recommendations were easy to implement and results were almost immediate.  The best part was just being able to talk and converse with Sandhiya.  She always made me feel comfortable and welcomed.  Today, my digestive issues are gone.  I feel stronger.  I have more energy.  I have lost a few excess pounds.  My mind is calm and clear.  And I face each busy day with a better attitude and with confidence so I can be more effective.  Thank you, Sandhiya!

-J. Martinez, MBA

Fort Worth, TX


I had difficulties with gastritis, I was not gaining weight, I was not digesting food properly, I decided to try Ayurveda.  I went to a local yoga center and inquired about Ayurveda professional.  This is how I met Sandhiya.  I explained all my concerns to Sandhiya regarding my digestion challenges, and she was able to come up with a plan for me to follow.  Sandhiya made recommendations about my diet, she   advised me on what types of food I should eat and what types of food I should not eat; and she advised me on proper time between meals.  Sandhiya also shared tasty recipes that are fun and easy to make and which help to digest food properly. I was able to gain weight, and I was able to eat better. I even learned to cook some tasty meals. Sandhiya is very patient and supportive during appointments and she is very knowledgeable.  She also developed an exercise routine for me which includes breathing exercise and yoga practice. It is helping me to get in better shape and to feel better about myself. Sandhya helped me to become more active and to feel more present in my life.

Marina S.


Sandhiya is beautiful soul.  We first met at a Yoga Retreat where she gave a talk on Ayurveda and a cooking demonstration.  I immediately felt a strong connection to her.  I signed up for her Ayurveda Lifestyle Program.  I suffered from asthma, allergies, hypertension and anxiety to name a few.  Sandhiya was the first practitioner who looked at me as a whole and didn’t just treat the symptom.  She prescribed herbal supplements, recipes, meditations and so much more.  I since have also attend one of her cooking workshop.  I have learned so much from this wonderful lady.  She has helped me find much more balance in my life.  Last month I saw my new doctor and received the great news that I am healthy.  Thank you Sandhiya for helping me change my life for the better.  Namaste.

Debbie Lopez


Sandhiya got to the bottom of what was going on and I have benefited immensely from her recommendations. You will too — get in touch with her.

S. Arora
I met Sandhiya when I decided to consult her for Ayurveda sessions at the beginning of the year. She has done more than just aid me to the path of a healthier lifestyle, but she’s been a wonderful friend who has helped and supported me through some of the most challenging times of this year.
Jonah Montes
I had the pleasure of meeting Sandhiya when I was a student in a yoga teacher training program. Sandhiya shared with our class the history and benefits of an Ayurvedic lifestyle. I had already become quite interested in ancient healing arts and modalities and was truly fascinated by what she had to teach and offer us during the class. I could tell Sandhiya had a pure and beautiful soul that truly desired to share these practices with others to better our lives. I discussed with her some of my health issues and she had some wonderful recommendations that made me want to spend more time with her and learn from her. I spent several sessions with Sandhiya over a few months and I was not disappointed! She provided me with truly amazing and interesting information on recipes/dietary changes, mantra, meditation, and breath work that really improved my life. These are changes that I have made to my daily routine that have improved my health and mindset. Spend some time with this beautiful soul. She will change your life!
Alan Hostetter


Ayurveda Education,Workshops & Speaking engagements


Sandhiya is a dynamic and enthusiastic teacher and practitioner of Ayurveda. Her teaching is passionate, direct, practical and inspiring. She has an engaging way with her students and clients and is much loved by all. We are blessed to have her as one of our faculty members at The Yoga on High Teacher Training and Ayurvedic Institute: School of Ayurveda.

Jasmine Astra-elle Grace, Owner & CEO, The Yoga On High Teacher Training & Ayurveda Institute


Sandhiya was our lunchtime guest speaker and led an Ayurvedic cooking demonstration at our City of Hope Fundraiser, The Retreat, in April of 2016.  She was an absolute delight to work with and captivated both audiences with her immense knowledge of her subject matter as well as her charming, effervescent personality.  We received many positive reviews of her offerings in our follow up survey, a few students even seeking her out for Ayurvedic counseling following the event.  We look forward to working with Sandhiya again in the near future!!

In gratitude,

Mary Baker & Heidi Minga, Co-founders, Be Well Therapy, Inc. 501(c)3


Sandhiya has been such a wonderful asset to Mindful Her, not only is she a pleasure to work with but such an amazing resource of knowledge for our women.  Her educational programs keep our audience engaged and wanting more.  Mindful Her is proud to have Sandhiya as apart of our team and we look forward to her inspiring teachings at our future events ~ Kelly Lam, Co-Founder Mindful Her


Sandhiya has presented at two Mindful Her events in Orange County and our event participants absolutely loved her presentations.  She spoke on the “The Healing Benefits of Essential Oils” at one event and “Ayurvedic Foods and Spices to Detox The Body” at another.  Sandhiya is not only a pleasure to work with but her knowledge of all things Ayurvedic and her radiant, personable nature have made her a favorite Mindful Her speaker.  We will continue to work with Sandhiya at Mindful Her events around the county and recommend her to anyone who wants to educate themselves or groups of people about Ayurvedic lifestyle ~ Joanne Forster, Co-fouder of Mindful Her


“Thanks for the cooking workshop, Sandhiya! We both very much enjoyed your cooking demonstration. And your dishes were absolutely delicious!!”~ Janna


“Sandhiya is a beautiful, warm person. Excellent presentation, clear and organized” ~ D.S


“The class was very instructional and informative. The information was presented in an easy to understand manner. The teacher is very knowledgable and able to present the material in an easy manner – Good Job” ~ Betty


“It was amazing!! I would love to work with you more and learn more. Thank you!” ~ Emily


“So very informative. Thank You for all the gifts, tips and resources. I was very much looking forward to hearing about Ayurveda and now I am addicted 🙂 Thank You, and I can’t wait to learn more” ~ Marina



“I feel you offered great support personally and professionally throughout my Ayurveda internship program.

Your knowledge and trust was easy to understand . Thank you for a wonderful experience that truly was none like the other(s)! I look forward to meeting you and keeping in touch as practitioners! Many thanks and blessings for our paths crossing in this way. See you soon!  ” ~ Leslie McWilliams


“Having Sandhiya as a mentor on my journey to become an Ayurvedic practitioner has been a joy and a blessing.  She is a caring and loving teacher.  Her guidance, extensive knowledge, and wisdom have been invaluable to me. She has helped me to integrate what I have learned on this path, into how I practice.  I truly appreciate my time spent with Sandhiya and highly recommend her as a practitioner and mentor.  Much love!” ~ Jessica H.



Ayurveda Body Therapies


I scheduled the Bliss Therapy and was not disappointed. I live in Las Vegas but was going to be in the Dana Point area for a few days and found Sandhiya online. She is so kind and made me feel welcome from the very start. She gave me a lot of tips and techniques and recipes – her knowledge is impressive. My only regret is that she doesn’t live in Las Vegas! I highly recommend her! Thank you Sandhiya! ~ Leigh


“I have been seeing Sandhiya for the past 6 months for pains in my knees and hands. Her massage and her treatment has helped ease the pain. My health has also improved due to the customized dietary and food recommendations that she has provided. I recommend her highly to others who are in need of similar treatment.” ~ Y.B.

“I have been suffering from tension headaches which were getting progressively more frequent.  Massages and chiropractic adjustments would offer temporary relief but the headache would come back within a week.  One session with Sandhiya cleared the cause of the headache at the root.  It’s been over a month and I’m still headache free.  I highly recommend Green Lotus Wellness.  Sandhiya is very knowledgeable and kind.” ~ D.K.


Based upon my 19 year old son’s visit to Sandhiya, he came out RELAXED from the Bliss Treatment which is very rare indeed for such an intensely brilliant person.  The rest of our vacation was a dream.  Thank you, Sandhiya!


Thai Massage


“Sandhiya truly has healing hands and I feel very blessed to have had this opportunity to experience my very first Thai Massage. I liked very much, the pressing of my karma points on my feet and the palm of my hands. My tight shoulders feel completely open. I feel invigorates and blissful – completely happy! Once again I show my gratitude to Sandhiya” ~ N.M.


“Very enjoyable. Everyone should ‘treat’ themselves to this experience” ~ G.L.


“Thai Massage (Yoga) is wonderful as it addresses all the sensitive muscles and nerves of the body, face and the head” ~ Sam


“The Thai Yoga Therapy that Sandhiya did for me was a high results workout. Sandhiya applied the right healing stress on all parts of the body – from toes to the head. The lighting of the candle and the recitation of the mantra by Sandhiya before the start of the therapy created the right spiritual atmosphere. The Thai Yoga massage has stretched and strengthened the whole body. It has helped the body to be flexible. This therapy has initiated a good change in the body and mind. Both the body and mind are relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. I thank Sandhiya for giving me the Thai Yoga Therapy” ~ Prema